Personal Addition #1

February 17, 2015. Me and one of my friend catch a movie together: Fifty shades of grey. Christian Grey, the movie actor. For the relationship between men and women, he does not like the way to be normal couple. Between men and women, he likes to be the dominant, and the women become submissive. When submissive did something wrong or break the rule, there will be consequence, submissive will be punished. The dominant was the executor. In the end, the actress did not want to endure the punishment and left. Six words sum it up: Dominant. Submissive. Surprise. Punishment. Love. Sex.



2 thoughts on “Personal Addition #1

  1. Don’t you find Christians treatment of women abusive? He’s more than an dominant male who’s into BDSM, he’s a controlling abuser who tricks a girl into thinking signing a contract means all the time consent. Consent can be given and taken away by either party at anytime. He didn’t give her that right. Do you think the world should be showcasing this behaviour as a relationship? Personally I think the movie should have never been made in the first place.


    1. I don’t think the world should be showcasing this behaviour as a relationship. It is 2015, no longer have slavery, only freedom. But I personally like this kind of behaviour as a relationship. The world is so big,and those kind of things always existed, they were much more creepier, and some people think this kind of things are unacceptable. But I think you should have to learn to adapt.


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