Reading Reflection

Book: Snitch
Author: Allison van Diepen
Pages read: 65
In a school run by many gangs, Julie has nothing to do with the gangs, even there is a friend of her is a gang, until now she still show strangely up against the gang. Will Julie join the one of the gangs? I guess she will. Because living in a place with gang fight happens that often, people will inevitably be affected.
There was a dancing party, in the beginning things are going well. But in the middle of the party, gangs into a fight, chaos all around the place, some of the student gets hurt. After the party, principal gave them a warning, if fighting erupted again, he will cancel this activity. I predict the warning from the principal is not going to work. There will be more confusion happens, and the drama will never stop. Many events held on campus will be affected by the fighting between the various gangs and can not be held smoothly. Julie believes that the new student name Eric is smart, clever and will not join any gang. I think he will change just because he is going to live there for a long time and influenced by the school environment and join the gang. And then, he would become the main reason for Julie join the gangs.

Campus has many of the gang. This will inevitably lead to conflict. Generated resentment among gangs. The emergence of resentment will create revenge. And student will tell someone on their opponent. And then things become worst.

I was planing to see the movie, because English is second language and sometimes I don’t understand what they are talking about. Actor’s expressions and actions in the movie can make me a better understanding of this book. But unfortunately there does not seem like a movie about this book.

I really like this book, and I believe that many of the students liked the book. Bitch, thugs, gang, confusion.


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